Cold or Cozy? How Room Temperature Affects Your Sleep.

Ever wonder how photographers help infants pose so adorably? We know that babies are unpredictable as they are cute, so how is this even possible? Is it Photoshop? “Before I start a session, I make sure the room temperature is a balmy 28 degrees (82 degrees Fahrenheit), says photographer, Bex Pidgeon.” “…This is the optimum … Continued

The long winter’s nap: why we sleep more when it’s colder.

It’s only 4pm on a Tuesday, but you are at your desk zoning out like it is 2am in the morning. You’ve had a good night’s sleep last night — although it was very difficult to get out of bed (blankets too cozy?), and it suddenly dawns on you after the 5th consecutive day, that this isn’t normal. … Continued

Apps, trackers and sound machines: what you need to know.

These three terms often cause confusion and, in addition to continued insomnia, buyer’s remorse. Here is how you could think of the three: Sleep apps may or may not include trackers, but sleep trackers just track sleep. Sound machines may include all of the above. It’s important to know the difference between apps and devices that … Continued

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