Want better sleep? Head for the hills.

The Guardian has an opinion piece about a new study by US scientists that indicates that camping can dramatically improve your sleep. The secret isn’t S’Mores or mosquitos, but the direct exposure to the environment that will reset your body’s natural internal clock. Human physiology naturally responds to the rising and setting of the sun, and artificial light can interfere with this process. Not so in the great outdoors, where it’s just the sun and the moon.

Plus, since cellular network and Wi-Fi signals are hard to come by out in nature, you won’t have the distraction of your mobile device to keep you up past the time when your body is naturally telling you to go to sleep.

And, there’s more:

But it’s not just getting more natural light that makes being outdoors beneficial. The biophilia hypothesis suggests humans have an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. It’s believed that the deep affiliations we have with other life forms and nature as a whole are in our biology.

The full piece is worth a read.

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