Spotlight: Self Care. Easy to Sleep In 1, 2, 3…

We’ve all been there. The pull-out sofa at Aunt Connie’s house, the top bunk at Cousin Dave’s, the cheap motel we booked last minute because “we’re not going to be spending that much time in the room after all.” Even the times we splurge for a suite, when it comes to sleeping in that unfamiliar … Continued

Spotlight: Self Care. Where Does Sleep Fit Into Your Routine?

It’s 2019. By now, we’ve heard the constant drumbeat of why wellness, and mindfulness and other-ness’ are essential to our well-being. We “so can relate” to the barrage of imagery depicting the stressed and frizzy employee (and parent). We vehemently nod “yes!” when an assortment of memes, pithy quotes and Ted Talk® videos remind us … Continued

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