Creating a Bedtime Routine.

Guest Post: Samantha Kent with The Sleep Help Institute. We humans tend to like our routines in every part of our lives. When things go the way we expect them to, we’re much more comfortable and happier, no matter what part of our day it applies to. This includes when it comes to bedtime. Setting … Continued

Lights, Camera…Sleep?

In 2007, acclaimed journalist and founder of The Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington, suffered “the wake-up call that changed (her) life.” (Sleep Revolution, 2014)  It was a major collapse just as she was developing her now famous online news portal. In her book, The Sleep Revolution, she says after much testing, her doctors said the episode … Continued

Athletes Need Sleep.

Usually conversations post-Super Bowl revolve around the type of (extreme) regimen professional athletes are committed to. One of the more common myths in sports is that athletic training equals performance to the point of exhaustion without consideration for recovery. Mind over matter, push more, strive more — be more (than the average person) and that … Continued

Spotlight Self Care: How to Relax Anywhere.

Close your eyes. Imagine that you are in a place where time has no meaning. What do you see? Is it a calm, crystal blue ocean with white sands? Is it a remote cottage in the middle of the forest? Is it the quiet nook in the corner of your living room? Was it hard … Continued

Clear Your Sleep of Stuff.

The riddle: “What are we always trying to get rid of at the same time that we add to it?” The answer? Clutter.   What are the essentials needed to prepare your body and mind for sleep? For starters, they begin with working toward, through meditation or even visualization, a sense of rest and peace. ‘Free your mind, … Continued

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