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This Week’s Sleep News In Review

Are you aware of the different “types” of noises related to sound machines?  Real Simple lays it out. Also, do you shower or bathe in the morning or in the evening? Scientists at the University of Texas found that taking a bath or shower approximately 90 minutes before going to bed helped participants fall asleep an average of 10 minutes sooner than usual.

Read all about these topics and more in the links provided below:

Thrive Global: Mastering The Sound Of Sleep in a World of Disturbances 

Real Simple: White Noise, Pink Noise, Brown Noise – Which Color Is For You?

Earth: Songbirds Prioritize Sleep Over Safety During Long Migrations

Elemental Medium: Does Your Sleep Position Affect Your Health?

Psychology Today: Time Your Showers And Baths For A Better Sleep

Self: Does Late Night Snacking Affect Sleep?

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