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Time Magazine’s all-day guide to better sleep has a few surprises

Achieving better, more consistent sleep is the result of lots more than choosing the right mattress and avoiding espresso drinks after 6:00 PM. According to Time Magazine, it’s dependent on choices you make at the beginning of the day (like waking up at the same time each morning) and then throughout your entire day. Many of their tips are obvious, but there there are a few which caught our attention, like this one:

Many people like to shower in the morning, and that’s just fine, Zeitzer says. But if you shower at night, pay attention to the timing. A warm shower or a hot bath may seem relaxing right before bed, but it may raise your body temperature and disrupt sleep, Zeitzer explains. Instead, take it at least an hour and a half before you drift off to give your body time to cool down.

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