Better rest and relaxation for your little one.

LectroFan Alpha


Lectrofan Alpha is the small wonder that you’ll want to take with you anywhere you go with your little one. It plays your choice of seven gentle, soothing sounds, including a heart beat, two different fans, two white noise variations (pink noise and brown noise), and two variations of ocean waves. It recharges with the included USB cable, so there’s never a need to bring batteries, and it plays for up to 40 hours per charge at normal volume. The included clip makes it easy to attach to car seats, cribs, strollers, or just about anything.

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  • HELP YOUR BABY OR TODDLER GET BETTER REST: LectroFan Alpha plays soothing, simple sounds that help mask distracting noise.
  • SOOTHING HIGH QUALITY SOUNDS: 7 relaxing sounds for baby. Includes 1 heart beat, 2 different fan sounds, pink and brown noise, and 2 different ocean wave sounds.
  • NEVER NEEDS BATTERIES: Built-in battery recharges with the included USB cable, or use any standard USB cable. Each charge lasts 40 hours at normal volume.
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY: Portable white noise with a clip for easy transport between crib, stroller, and car seat. The built-in stand folds up for travel.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Lectrofan Alpha is designed in the USA and backed by a great customer care team.

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Package Contents

LectroFan Alpha, Quick Start Guide, USB charge cable



Product Dimensions

1.8 x 4 x 3.8 inches


#LectroFanAlpha Love

My sanity saver in the time of fireworks💥 sleeplessness: the soundofsleepofficial 🤍🌬🤍#lectrofanalpha ...

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Drown out the noise... with more noise. #lectrofanalpha soundofsleepofficial ...

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Lectro fan alpha baby sound machine...but i use it for myself to help me with sleeping, I love it!! The sounds are so soothing #lectrofanalpha soundsofsleepofficial ...

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Sounds of nature #lectrofanalpha soundofsleepofficial ...

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I have been having the hardest time sleeping lately. With the stress of quarantine and studying for my board exams, my sleep took a serious hit. However, this little fan I’ve bee in heaven. #lectrofan #lectrofanalpha #lectroalphasoundandsleep soundofsleepofficial ...

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I'm loving this Baby Sound Machine. There are so many different sounds that are soothing and put my babies right to sleep. I heard of white noise but who knew there was such a thing as pink and brown noise. Love it!
#lectrofanalpha soundofsleepofficial

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We love our new noise machine. I love that it never shuts off! We always do the wave setting, it is our favorite 🌊😴

#lectrofanalpha soundofsleepofficial

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We are happy to report our client’s toddler is sleeping soundly with the #lectrofanalpha from
SoundofSleepOfficial. It’s compact, portable and perfect for car rides, strolls, or peaceful nights in the nursery. Thank you for the gift Lectro Fan! ...

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💤💤 White noise machines- yes! I do have a favorite!

Parents ask all the time if I recommend one machine over another, and the fact is- is DOES matter. For your littles to sleep their very best, you need a non-looping, low, rumbly, white/pink/brown noise or fan sound. Bonus points if the volume has a wide range and even more bonus points if you can select different soothing sounds. The Lectofan Alpha does all of that and more!

I always recommend Lectrofan brand by soundofsleepofficial, but I love 😍 the little Lectrofan Alpha. It is just a little thing that we take on the go and with a recharging battery, it can play for up to 40 continuous hours on one charge!

It clips right on to my stroller and crib, and it comes along on every trip, so we can keep bedtime routines and.sleeping environment consistent for our little guy.

If you need to try a white noise machine but don't want to shell out $50 for the full-sized Lectrofan, the Alpha is a great option at only $25! Shoot me a DM for a 25% discount through my affiliate link!


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This little gem #lectrofanalpha is a life saver. Small, portable and multiple different sounds.

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