Job Title:  Senior Software Engineer

Employer: Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc.

Job site address:  1475 S Bascom Ave., Suite 116, Campbell, CA 95008

Job Duties:  Responsible for developing and maintaining embedded software for audio consumer electronics devices. Write all software to minimize the code-space, memory footprint, and CPU requirements. Develop and maintain smartphone apps for both the iOS and Android platforms. Collaborate on developing new software, generating documentation of the software used in current products. Create a code control system that can run across Linux and Windows platforms. Import legacy software to support of IDE migration, along with its versions and comments, to the new code control system. Define software coding style which will be standard for all of Adaptive Sound Technologies. Reformat all legacy software to accommodate the defined coding style standard during the porting activities. Develop embedded software methodologies to categorize and summarize sound patterns coming from our products’ microphones. Prepare summaries which form audio fingerprints that can be used to identify and classify ambient room noise. Create a database of audio fingerprints that are used for purposes of comparison. Define and implement a software library to generate these audio fingerprints and to perform the classification. Utilize this software library, enhance our sound machines to be able to adapt their responses the type of noise heard. Evaluate potential future product embedded software features. Update embedded software and smartphone apps to respond to new IDE and operating system releases. Determine technical feasibility and competitive analysis of potential new product features.

Education/Specialized Requirements:  Master’s degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science or related field.  Master’s degree coursework must include one course in the following: software systems engineering; enterprise distributed systems; enterprise software platforms; software engineering processes; developing audio processing and sound pattern discrimination software; and two courses or projects developing iOS and Android smartphone apps.


 ATTN: Ira Chayut, Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc., 1475 S Bascom Ave., Suite 116, Campbell, CA 95008

 WORK HOURS: 40 hours per week