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Help your child get their best sleep, improve their bedtime routine, and give yourself peace of mind.

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A sleeping baby is happy parents and a happy home.

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Introducing LectroFan Kinder

LectroFan Kinder provides your little one with soothing sounds for a great night's sleep.

Just plug it into any outlet, download the smartphone app, and select gentle, soothing sounds and lights.

LectroFan Kinder


Sleeping well begins at an early age. Help your infant or toddler get the best sleep, improve their bedtime routine, and give yourself peace of mind with LectroFan Kinder.

Just plug in the Kinder, download the smartphone app, and select gentle sounds and soft lighting to mask noise disturbances and provide comfort, relaxation, and better sleep.  A great night’s sleep makes for happy children… and happy parents.

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The Power of Sleep Training

We don't take the term "sleep like a baby" lightly. We know you don't, either. Want advice from a baby whisperer? Our sleep trainers understand.

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10 fan sounds, 10 white, pink and brown noise variations and two ocean sounds
Over 75 including fan sounds, white, pink and brown noise, nature sounds and lullabies
Five fan, four white and one ocean surf
USB, internal rechargeable battery
Bluetooth Audio
Sleep Timer
Headphone / speaker connector

What Are White, Pink and Brown Noise?

white noise
Pink noise
Brown Noise
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