Renaissance Hotel and Adaptive Sound Technologies Partner to Deliver Great Sleep

Renaissance Denver Stapleton Hotel Shows Dedication to Improve Privacy and Create Better Sleep Environments by Providing Adaptive Sound Technologies LectroFan Sleep Machines

San Jose, CA. — October 31, 2016 — Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc. (ASTI), the leading supplier of sound machines, announced today a partnership with The Renaissance Denver Stapleton Hotel to deliver the best sleep experience for its guests by providing LectroFan sound machines in over four hundred of its guest rooms.

“The Renaissance Denver Stapleton is thrilled to partner with ASTI to provide our guests a quality night’s sleep by installing the LectroFan sound machines in every guest room,” said Brian Lenfestey, General Manager of Renaissance Hotels.

The LectroFan is the highest-quality white noise and fan sound machine on the market. This solution will deliver the highest quality of sleep as well as privacy for each individual guest room. Offering ten pure white noise and ten fan sounds, all unique, digitally synthesized and non-looping, the LectroFan allows for the most efficient sound masking technology, so regardless of outside noise, no hotel guest will be disturbed in their slumber. Guests can now enjoy a good night’s sleep in peace and quiet regardless of the disruptive sleep environment outside their room.

“We are excited to work with the Renaissance Denver Stapleton Hotel to introduce the LectroFan white noise and fan sound machines,” said Keith Washo, VP of Sales and Marketing at Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc. “The Renaissance Hotel is a leader providing unique amenities that deliver great sleep. We are happy to have the LectroFan in all their guest rooms to provide the best sleep experience possible.”

By partnering with ASTI, the Renaissance of Denver shows a true dedication for their guests in providing unique and innovative amenities. By providing this innovative sleep solution, the LectroFan supports better sleep, in turn providing increased customer satisfaction, tranquility and ultimately the most enjoyable stay possible.

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About Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc. (ASTI)

ASTI, the leading supplier of sound machines, started in 2008 developing products that help people sleep soundly without the need of sleep aides or prescriptions.  The company’s goal, help people fall asleep and stay asleep naturally, has been the core of its innovation and product development. Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley and backed by engineers with extensive backgrounds from some of the world’s best tech companies, they have developed best-selling sound machines that redefine the science of sleep. With over 500 million people worldwide suffering from sleep disorders – spending an estimated $16 billion annually on treatment –the company is on a mission to serve this mass market.


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