LectroFan EVO FAQs

Powering the LectroFan EVO

The receptacle for the power is on the bottom of the machine. The jack on the side is the audio output. For international use, a plug adapter can be used with LectroFan EVO’s power adapter. Alternatively, a country-specific USB adapter can be used.

How does the timer work?

Note that the timer is optional. Each time the Timer button is depressed, a beep in the sound can be heard, and an hour is added. Eight hours is the maximum timer duration.

Which products have headphone/audio jacks?

LectroFan EVO, Sound+Sleep SE, and Sound+Sleep Aquarius have a 3.5mm audio output jack. They can be used for headphones, portable powered speaker, or any audio device which has a line-level 3.5mm input. Additionally, Sound+Sleep MINI and Sound+Sleep SE have a 3.5mm audio input, for enjoying an audio source on the device’s high fidelity speaker.

How does the LectroFan EVO differ from the original LectroFan?

The original LectroFan (now referred to as LectroFan Classic) and LectroFan EVO are very similar. Here’s how the EVO is different: Design: the EVO has the same seven-sided shape as the original model, but with softer edges. The speaker grille is angled, and the control panel has been moved to the top for improved ergonomics.…