Lectrofan Kinder FAQs

Can I return a product I’ve purchased on Amazon?

Yes! We have heard from some Amazon customers in the USA who have been told by Amazon that their LectroFan or Sound+Sleep product is not eligible for return. This is incorrect. Our products purchased on Amazon are backed by a 30-day return privilege. Because our products are sold by Amazon in the same category as…

Can I use the LectroFan Kinder without the smart phone app?

You will need to use the free app to set up your Kinder the first time, and to select sounds, lights, and presets. But, once you’ve found the settings you like best, you can just turn on the Kinder using the power button. It will remember its settings from when it was last turned off.

Can the sounds and the night light be used independently?

Yes! If you’d prefer to use your LectroFan Kinder as just a night light, or just to play nature sounds or lullabies, just turn off the night light or sounds with the app.