LectroFan micro Wireless FAQs

Can I return a product I’ve purchased on Amazon?

Yes! We have heard from some Amazon customers in the USA who have been told by Amazon that their LectroFan or Sound+Sleep product is not eligible for return. This is incorrect. Our products purchased on Amazon are backed by a 30-day return privilege. Because our products are sold by Amazon in the same category as…

What do the different light colors mean?

A flashing blue light indicates that the LectroFan micro Wireless is ready to pair with your phone or other Bluetooth device. A solid blue light indicates that it has successfully paired with a Bluetooth device and is in Bluetooth mode. A solid red light indicates that the device is charging. The red light will go…

How do I perform a factory reset?

If your LectroFan micro Wireless is not operating correctly, a factory reset may help. Performing a factory reset will cause the LectroFan micro to “forget” its pairing, and return to the default sound and volume. To perform a reset, press the Power Button and hold it for 15 seconds. A tone will confirm that the…

Do I need a voltage converter or plug adapter to use my LectroFan micro Wireless outside of the USA?

You do not. The LectroFan micro Wireless is charged and powered via USB, which is a worldwide standard.

How do I pair the LectroFan micro Wireless with my phone?

Before you can use your LectroFan micro as a Bluetooth speaker, you’ll need to pair it with your audio source, such as your smart phone or tablet. This only needs to be done once for each audio source. First, turn on the Bluetooth feature of your LectroFan micro with a Long Press of the Power/Pause…

How long does the battery last between charges?

A fully charged battery will last up to 16 hours playing white noise and fan sounds, and up to six hours when used as a Bluetooth speaker. These times are approximate and will vary based on volume and other factors.

How does the LectroFan Micro twist open and closed?

It’s easy! Watch this demo:

What’s the difference between white, pink, and brown noise?

Random-type noises, called “White Noises” as a category, help people sleep, rest, and mask unwanted sounds. While collectively called “White Noises”, selecting different frequency characteristics results in colored noises. The most common of these are white, pink, and brown noises. These are all produced by massaging random noise across the sound spectrum. White noise is…

Does LectroFan micro work as a Bluetooth speaker phone?

Yes. The LectroFan has a microphone, so you can use it as a Bluetooth device when making calls using a Bluetooth-capable smartphone.