Sound+Sleep FAQs

Can I use Sound+Sleep with an external speaker or stereo system?

Sound+Sleep has a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack. It works not only with headphones, but any audio system which accepts input via a 3.5mm connector.

How does adaptive mode work?

Sound+Sleep, Sound+Sleep SE and Sound+Sleep MINI can automatically adjust to disruptive outside noises when you select ADAPTIVE on the control panel. They work by using a built-in microphone to listen to the environment and adjust the volume or add richness to sounds to help mask distracting noises which can disturb your sleep.

How does richness work?

Richness adds character to each SoundStory by dynamically mixing sounds to keep them interesting and avoid becoming repetitive. Richness controls how these extra sounds are mixed. It can be set to three levels: High: With Richness on High, the SoundStories are the most complex. For example, in the Ocean setting, the sound of a fog…

How does the optional timer work?

Sound+Sleep has an optional timer. When the timer is not used, it will play continuously. To use the timer, tap the TIMER button on the front panel to select 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes. At the end of the time period you’ve selected, the Sound+Sleep will gently turn off.

What’s the difference between white, pink, and brown noise?

Random-type noises, called “White Noises” as a category, help people sleep, rest, and mask unwanted sounds. While collectively called “White Noises”, selecting different frequency characteristics results in colored noises. The most common of these are white, pink, and brown noises. These are all produced by massaging random noise across the sound spectrum. White noise is…

The power cable on my product has become frayed or broken. What should I do?

You should stop using it immediately and contact us for a replacement at Please include: The serial number of your unit (you’ll find this on the white barcode label on the bottom of the unit) Your full name, shipping address, phone number, and the color of your machine.  

What does it mean if all the lights on my Sound of Sleep are flashing?

This is the sign of a Sound of Sleep that’s in need of repair. Please contact us at and include the following information:   The serial number of your Sound+Sleep (you’ll find this on the white barcode label on the bottom of the unit) Your full name, shipping address, and phone number