Spotlight: Self Care. Where Does Sleep Fit Into Your Routine?

It’s 2019. By now, we’ve heard the constant drumbeat of why wellness, and mindfulness and other-ness’ are essential to our well-being. We “so can relate” to the barrage of imagery depicting the stressed and frizzy employee (and parent). We vehemently nod “yes!” when an assortment of memes, pithy quotes and Ted Talk® videos remind us … Continued

To cuddle or not to cuddle? Here comes the science.

One of our favorite sites,, has a good article about how cuddling with your partner can affect the quality of your sleep. It turns out that the overall effect of sharing your bed varies by gender, and in general, men find it easier to sleep with a partner. But, it turns out that there’s … Continued

Time Magazine’s all-day guide to better sleep has a few surprises

Achieving better, more consistent sleep is the result of lots more than choosing the right mattress and avoiding espresso drinks after 6:00 PM. According to Time Magazine, it’s dependent on choices you make at the beginning of the day (like waking up at the same time each morning) and then throughout your entire day. Many … Continued

Resolution or Reset?

After a likely overindulgent year-end, many of us attempt to rein in our behaviors with lofty, often unreasonable restrictions otherwise known as “resolutions.” Stop that! The steps to good health and living well are actually… manageable. They may come packaged in unwelcoming terms like “moderation” and “commitment,” but when you dissect the actual method and … Continued

ASTI Launches Sound+Sleep® Special Edition

Delivers 64 Non-Looping Sound Stories with Adaptive Technology That Immediately Adjusts to Changes in the Sound Environment SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc. (ASTI) today launched Sound+Sleep® Special Edition (SE), a sleep sound machine specifically designed to promote better sleep, relaxation and renewal. The Sound+Sleep SE features 64 different … Continued

Sound of Sleep Suite Giveaway!

You are never too far away from the best sleep ever with a full suite of Sound of Sleep products in your bedroom! Enjoy relaxing sounds at you fingertips that calm and soothe you to sleep and keep you sleeping. Register at our new online store and you could WIN a Sound+Sleep,  Sound+Sleep MINI, and … Continued

Harvard’s interactive history of sleep is fascinating

Since the dawn of humankind, just about everything about us has changed, except for one thing: our need for sleep. Sleep is a subject that’s challenged, perplexed, and fascinated writers, poets, and scientists over the centuries. Of course, it was an abject mystery thousands of years ago, and even today, we’re not 100% sure of … Continued

‘LectroFan Milestone: Over 4K Amazon Reviews.

Featured Post: In October 2013, NetRush entered a new partnership with Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc. (ASTI), as the official Amazon retailer of their patented sound and white noise machine, LectroFan. For us, the partnership was an opportunity to launch a great product at the start of its journey to market. We were similarly excited … Continued

Can Noise Help You Sleep?

With the subject of sleep being pushed into the spotlight and sleep as a science now an increasingly popular area of study, we are aware more than ever of the need for quality sleep, and how damaging lack of sleep can be. This is to the degree that many unable to sleep well naturally, are … Continued

ASTI launches products at Best Buy Canada

CAMPBELL, CA (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 01, 2016 Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc (ASTI) launches products at Best Buy Canada ASTI, the leader in advanced sound machines and adaptive audio products, today announced the launch of its entire sound machine product line online at All ASTI sleep machines will be available, including theSound+Sleep, Sound+Sleep MINI, and LectroFan … Continued

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