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I never anticipated it (LectroFan) being such an important part of a good night’s sleep.”

LectroFan Kinder

“Traveling with newborns and young children just got 75 times easier with the new LectroFan Kinder, a plug-in ambient sound and light machine that creates a soothing environment in any room…”


“…try a white noise machine instead. Wirecutter recommends the LectroFan, which I also recommend. It’s small enough to stash in a carry-on when you travel, can be easily operated in the dark, and can get loud enough to block outside noises. It’s a simple way to get a good night’s rest at home or on the road.”


“The LectroFan is small, easily adjustable in the dark, and super effective at blocking out a wide array of sounds. It even fits easily into a suitcase if you want to bring it on vacation.”


Why You’ll Love It: The Sound+Sleep High Fidelity Sound Machine offers up just about every feature you could ask for in a sound machine.”