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Sound of Sleep In The News:

Sound+Sleep SE

“Following regular use of the Sound+Sleep SE sound machine, study participants reported improved overall perceived sleep quality. Reported benefits included less time to fall asleep, less time spent awake during the night and enhanced feelings of relaxation and restfulness.”


I never anticipated it (LectroFan) being such an important part of a good night’s sleep.”

LectroFan Kinder

“Traveling with newborns and young children just got 75 times easier with the new LectroFan Kinder, a plug-in ambient sound and light machine that creates a soothing environment in any room…”


“…try a white noise machine instead. Wirecutter recommends the LectroFan, which I also recommend. It’s small enough to stash in a carry-on when you travel, can be easily operated in the dark, and can get loud enough to block outside noises. It’s a simple way to get a good night’s rest at home or on the road.”


“The LectroFan is small, easily adjustable in the dark, and super effective at blocking out a wide array of sounds. It even fits easily into a suitcase if you want to bring it on vacation.”


Why You’ll Love It: The Sound+Sleep High Fidelity Sound Machine offers up just about every feature you could ask for in a sound machine.”