How do I pair the LectroFan micro Wireless with my phone?

Before you can use your LectroFan micro as a Bluetooth speaker, you’ll need to pair it with your audio source, such as your smart phone or tablet. This only needs to be done once for each audio source.

  1. First, turn on the Bluetooth feature of your LectroFan micro with a Long Press of the Power/Pause button. You will hear the tones indicating that the Bluetooth feature is turning on and the Blue status light will flash.
  2. Set your phone or tablet to look for new Bluetooth devices and select the LectroFan micro. If a PIN is required, use 0000. Two tones will indicate that the pairing is complete.

If you are having trouble pairing your phone, the battery built in to the LectroFan micro may be low. To recharge the battery, connect it to a USB power source and allow it to charge for four hours.

Once paired and connected, you can change the volume with a Long Press of the V+/<< or V-/>> keys to increase or decrease the volume. Pressing the Power/Pause button briefly will pause the audio and pressing it again will resume the audio.

A Long Press of the Power/Pause button will turn your LectroFan micro Off when in Bluetooth Speaker mode.

When paired and connected to a smart phone, you can answer an incoming phone call with a Short Press of the Power/Pause button. Another Short Press of the Power/Pause button will end the call.