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A natural solution to restless sleep

It’s been a long day of packing lunches, taking the little ones to school and shuffling to soccer practice. When you get home the epic battle continues, making the case for eating your vegetables before spending the rest of the evening- helping with math homework. Since when did long division get so complicated? The kids are finally tucked into bed and now it’s your turn.

And then you start to hear it. The couple next door chatting on their patio. Your husband watching sports center in the living room just a hair too loud. The neighbor cat making his nightly rounds. – Even an attempt to block out the mental chatter while preparing your- to-do list the next day, can be difficult.

In today’s world of noisy neighborhoods and noisier minds, it can be hard to tune it out and fall asleep. According to the American Sleep Association, 50-70 million US adults suffer from sleep disorders.

It’s not just adults. There are plenty of noises and distracting sounds for little ones too as they continue to grow and experience the world around them at lightning speed.

What you may not know is that while noise can be disruptive, the right sounds may help you get a great night’s sleep

It all has to do with how your body is designed. Once you are off in dreamland, your brain is still very active, processing information from the day. Intermittently your brain will check to see if there are any dangers for which you’d need to wake. If there is disruptive light, noise, or other concerns, your brain may pull you out of sleep instead of launching you into the next REM sleep cycle. These breaks or “checks” are when restless sleepers tend to wake up.  – (Sleep Science: Sounds To Help You Sleep More Peacefully)

Enter sound machines. A sleep sound machine like the LectroFan uses the right sounds to help ease your brain into a relaxed state and stay there. Instead of being disrupted by the errant dog bark or loud neighbor, your brain focuses on the soothing sound. To aid in uninterrupted sleep, the LectroFan features non-looping white noise and fan sounds to allow your brain to continue to enjoy the sound without being distracted with a beginning or end to the “track” typical of a recording.

There are other benefits too. LectroFan can help you focus on your work, concentrate on studies, or meditate more effectively– This seems like it should be a part of another blog post – identifying the different types of white noise.

Sound machines like LectroFan will help focus your mind on the task at hand. Need more sleep? More focus? A quality sound machine will do both and help you feel more refreshed and clear-headed. Learn more about the different types of sounds featured in Sound of Sleep sound machines and select one that’s right for you!


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