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The Annoying Habits Causing Couples To Sleep Separately

An article from UK news publication, The Daily Mirror recently cited a survey which states that an astonishing 38% of British couples sleep in separate beds. Although the study was based in the UK, anyone, anywhere in the world may find similar challenges that keep them from sleeping in the same bed.

The top reasons mentioned are snoring, a partner hogging the bed, one (or both) partners tossing and turning, or a partner who prefers to watch TV or read in bed before falling asleep.

A sleep sound machine like the state-of-the-art Sound+Sleep SE can help with most of these persistent issues.

Snoring itself can be caused by many things, and it may indicate a more serious health issue. But if your doctor has ruled this out and declared your snoring to harmless, it’s still liable to keep your partner awake. A sleep sound machine can help you fall into a deeper sleep and keep you asleep, reducing the chances of being awakened by environmental irritations like snoring. Tossing and turning may be a symptom of restless sleep, so a sleep sound machine can help both the tosser and turner and their hapless partner by helping both sleep more deeply.

If you can’t fall asleep unless you’ve watched some TV, spent some time with your phone or tablet, or put in some reading, you may want to consider the reasons why. If you need to “tire yourself out” before you can fall asleep, you may want to think about using a sleep sound machine, which provides a more natural, stress-free way to drift off to sleep.

As for bed hogging? Modern technology can’t help with that.

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