Holiday Travel: How to Time Zone Adjust Like a Boss!

Many of us have experienced it. The multi-hour, overseas flight topped off by the hangover feeling of being awake for 24 hours or more. Your body is saying the world has obviously come to an end because it’s time for bed – yet it’s still light outside. The longest, never-ending afternoon, ever. In the days … Continued

There’s tired… and then there’s parent tired

The joy of bringing your newborn home is a wonderful feeling for parents, but the joy of having your newborn sleep throughout the night is incomparable, especially when most newborns haven’t developed a consistent sleep pattern and wake up frequently to feed. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the circadian rhythm, or sleep-wake cycle, of … Continued

Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc. Announces Launch of LectroFan Kinder

  First-of-its-kind plug-in sound and light machine designed to create a soothing environment for newborns and young children CAMPBELL, Calif., (October 18, 2017) – Adaptive Sound Technologies Inc., the leading supplier of sleep sound machines, today announces its newest product, the LectroFan Kinder. LectroFan Kinder is a first- of-its kind plug-in sound and light machine … Continued

White, Pink, and Brown Noise: What’s the difference?

If you’re someone who has trouble sleeping, somebody has probably already suggested white noise to you. For better or worse, our brains continue to process sensory stimuli when we’re asleep, meaning that our partner’s snoring, dog’s barking, and even our leaky sinks can easily make us casualties of restless nights. The reason why noises wake … Continued

World Sleep Day 2017: what you need to know.

Friday, March 17th is World Sleep Day. It’s a good day to think about your sleep habits, and what you can do to improve them. Huffington Post has commemorated the occasion with advice from sleep specialist Dr Frédérique Aussert. We found this to be particularly interesting: There are a few other things you can try to … Continued

An interactive map of sleep problems worldwide

The other day we shared a Bing study which tracked the average amount of sleep in major US cities based on mobile device use. Here’s some global data, this time based on Twitter. Hundreds of thousands of people tweet about their insomnia each day, and the Daily Mail has published an interactive tool that shows … Continued

Which cities get the most sleep… and the least

It was Frank Sinatra who once famously sang that he wanted to wake up in the city that never sleeps. And while we seldom look to mid 20th century jazz songs for statistical accuracy, we were curious if people actually slept less in New York City.  The smart people behind the Bing search engine have answered … Continued

Guest Post: Three Ways I Use White Noise in My Sleep Apnea Clinic

Joseph Krainin, M.D., FAASM is board-certified in sleep medicine and neurology and is the founder of Singular Sleep, a sleep telemedicine practice. Singular Sleep is an authorized reseller of ASTI products. One of the great things about CPAP is that it eliminates all the terrible sleep breathing noises that sleep apnea sufferers emit: snoring, gasping, … Continued

The Annoying Habits Causing Couples To Sleep Separately

An article from UK news publication, The Daily Mirror recently cited a survey which states that an astonishing 38% of British couples sleep in separate beds. Although the study was based in the UK, anyone, anywhere in the world may find similar challenges that keep them from sleeping in the same bed. The top reasons mentioned are snoring, a partner hogging … Continued